Does MCT oil cause throat irritation?

That's a great question! 🤝

The reason you may experience a burning sensation with our MCT oil is due to the C6 (caproic acid) content. C6 is the shortest MCT fraction and converts to ketones even faster than C8, so it is a very powerful MCT that has profound benefits. That said, it is known to be slightly irritating due to its acidic nature (it is, after all, a fatty acid). 

How do you reduce the effect?

We would recommend cutting back on the amount of MCT oil that you are using per meal. For example, using 1 tbsp with food 2x a day vs 2 tbsp 1x a day. Another option would be to mix or blend the MCT oil more thoroughly into your foods and drinks. For example, blending MCT oil into a smoothie, coffee, soup, stew, or added to a baked good recipe.

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