This can be a tricky one, but overall a wonderful question. 👊
Generally, we would not consider consumption of any of our MCT oils to constitute as "breaking" a fast.

Here's why:

A small amount of quality fats, such as our Organic MCT Oil or Creamy MCT Oil, can be helpful during a fast because they most likely will not spike insulin or blood sugar.*
Since insulin levels or blood sugar are not spiked when consuming liquid MCTs the way carbs or protein would, your metabolism may be able to continue burning body fat.*
MCTs may help provide a degree of satiety (reduced hunger) that can allow you to continue a fast that you would otherwise struggle with.*
For the above reasons, most people are okay with consuming liquid MCTs during their fast.

The flip side:

For some people, any caloric intake (from carbohydrates, protein, or fats like MCT) constitutes "breaking" the fast.


It really just depends on what type of fast you are doing and how strict it is.
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