Is your MCT Oil chemically refined? Specifically, how is it made and is hexane used?

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Natural Force MCT Oils are NOT chemically refined and are 100% hexane-free.
Many other MCT Oils are refined using chemical solvents such as hexane.
Our Organic MCT Oil starts with sustainably-grown USDA Organic and Project Non-GMO verified coconuts.

The coconuts are then cold-pressed in an expeller to produce virgin coconut oil.

Valuable MCT fractions are then extracted from the virgin coconut oil using a steam-based technology called molecular distillation.
This clean, pure MCT oil is then sent to a 3rd party laboratory for extensive testing.

Test samples are analyzed for freshness (peroxide value), contaminants such as heavy metals (arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury), and pesticides. We also test for microbials such as yeast, mold, salmonella, e.coli and staph. 

Once testing confirms that the MCT oil meets our exacting standards, it is then packaged in a pure, non-toxic lead-free glass bottle. This prevents endocrine-disrupting plastics from leaching into the oil which is common with other MCT products.

The glass bottles are then triple sealed to prevent leaks and tampering and the entire bottle is packaged in a protective, eco-friendly recycled paper roll guard that prevents breakage or damage during shipping. 
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