My Creamy MCT Oil is separating, is it still good?

👋 Hey there and GREAT question!

You may have pulled your brand-spanking-new Creamy MCT Oil out of the box to find two slightly different colors, or that it is separating slightly.

Have no fear, there is nothing wrong with it...

All you need to do is give it a shake!

In fact, we recommend shaking it vigorously before using it every time!

Why do I need to Shake?

Without blending, regular MCT Oil can form a slick on top of water or any water-based drinks (like your coffee).

We wanted to be able to allow you to stir fully and completely with just a spoon. So, we used a magic process called emulsification to make this possible!

What's going down here, is those pesky (but super high-quality) oil molecules are trying to escape the emulsification.


  • ✔️ Is totally normal
  • 🙅‍♀️ Doesn't mean anything is wrong

Just Shake, Pour, Mix, and Enjoy!! 😊


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