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Natural Force Clean Coffee is available in both whole bean and pre-ground forms.

What type of grind is the pre-ground Clean Coffee?

Pre-ground Clean Coffee is a medium grind optimized for automatic drip-style coffee machines.

What if I do not have an automatic drip coffee maker?

No problem!

Our whole-bean Clean Coffee options are perfect for customers who want a customized brewing experience.

The general rule of thumb, the faster the brew time is, the finer the coffee grind should be. Inversely, for brewing methods that take a long time, a coarser grind will result in better coffee.

Here are our recommended grind coarsenesses for common coffee-making equipment:

Please note: These are general recommendations. For best results, follow the instructions provided for your specific coffee maker.

French Press/Cold Brew: Coarse grind (i.e. "chunky" texture)

Pour-over: Medium-coarse grind (i.e. "Kosher salt" texture)

Drip: Medium grind (i.e. "sea salt" texture)

Moka Pot/Expresso: Fine grind (i.e. "table salt" texture)

Turkish Coffee Pot: Extra-find grind (i.e. "powdered sugar" texture)


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