Light, Dark, Medium... what does it all mean!? 😂

Clean Coffee is a medium roast (aka the best kind).

Don't believe us? Keep reading.

Roasted for Health

We have created a roasting profile designed to maximize the health benefits found in coffee, while minimizing or eliminating any negative aspects you don't want.

Specifically, we roast to increase the amount of Chlorogenic Acids (CGAs)—the healthy antioxidants—found in our coffee. In fact, Clean Coffee has been found to have 2x the antioxidant of most coffee brands.

A coffee that is too lightly roasted develops Acrylamide which is harmful to your body, and if the coffee is dark-roasted then it develops PAHs which are carcinogenic.

Natural Force has found the sweet spot in our roasting technique.

Put that in your cup and drink it. 💥

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