What is the valve on the front of the coffee bag for?

Great question! We thought you might be wondering what that funky area on the front was.

This special one-way valve lets excess gasses out, without letting any harmful air (oxygen) in. 🚀🚀

The valve also preserves the nitrogen flushing inside the bag, keeping your coffee fresh and with a higher antioxidant content for longer.

For more on nitrogen flushing and antioxidant content over time, check out this article.


After roasting, all coffee beans undergo a small amount of off-gassing over time.

As the bean is roasted it undergoes structural as well as chemical changes. Water, carbon dioxide and other gasses are expelled, which creates fissures and "blow holes" from the steam release.

The cell structure of a coffee bean can expand almost double in some roasts and pore area increases. As gasses are trapped in whole beans, it takes time for the gasses to work their way out of these pores, and that's why coffee degasses over a period of a few days-- like the way a balloon deflates over time.

This is why the valve is needed-- those gasses would blow up the bag. The one-way valve lets the gasses out without letting fresh air (oxygen) in.


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