After roasting, and during packaging, we remove all of the air (oxygen) in the bag and replace it with nitrogen before sealing the bag.

This is called "Nitrogen Flushing".

Every bag of Clean Coffee is nitrogen flushed to remove oxygen and keep the bag fresh as long as possible prior to opening.

Oxygen + Coffee = Bad

Oxygen and coffee don't mix. Exposure to oxygen over a long period of time can lead to lower antioxidant content and your coffee going stale.

Antioxidant Content Over Time

From our lab testing, we have determined that antioxidant levels stay about the same for 4 months in nitrogen. The coffee really does taste fresh and is very representative of our flavor profile for 4 months in nitrogen and has lost very little of the nutritional aspects as well.

After 10 months in nitrogen, our antioxidant levels do test slightly lower than the fresh coffee. However, at this time, Natural Force Clean Coffee is still 0.2ug higher than the average of the brands we tested when fresh (representing 118 [non-soluble] other coffees, including high scoring specialty coffees, which were light roasted resulting in higher acrylamide, which our roast avoids).

We have not tested other brands over 10 months, and many are not nitrogen flushed at all.

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