What type of Rennet is used to make your Whey?

That is a great question, thank you for asking it!

Only vegetarian, non-GMO rennet is used to make our whey. We never use animal-based rennet in any of our products. 

We are proud to be a friend to animals, and happy to hear you care about this too.

If you aren't sure what any of this means and want to know more, keep reading!

What is Rennet?

In order to understand what rennet is, we must first understand where whey comes from.

First, we start with organic grass-fed milk from family-owned farms. That milk is then processed to separate the curds (used to make cheese 🧀) from the whey (your protein 👍)

Separating curds from the proverbial whey is made possible by the addition of rennet, which contains the enzyme chymosin.

Got it? Good!

Where does Chymosin come from?

Chymosin comes from two main sources:

  1. Extracted from the mucosa of calf stomachs.
  2. Grown by fermenting different type of fungi.

We chose the second option because it means that no animal had to die for the production of this product.

Can you tell me more about your Rennet?

Sure! The vegetarian "rennet" we use:

  • ✔️ Does not consist of, contain, and is not produced from genetically modified organisms.
  • ✔️ Is free from preservatives of any kind.
  • ✔️ Is OU-D certified Kosher.
  • ✔️ Is AHA certified Halal.
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