Is your Organic Whey protein tested for heavy metals?

Yes! All of our Organic Whey proteins are third-party tested for heavy metals using ICP/Mass Spectrometry. 🔬 👩‍🔬

Additionally, all of our Organic Whey proteins are below the California Proposition 65 cancer and developmental warning requirements for Lead.

We test for Mercury (Hg), Lead (Pb), Arsenic (As), and Cadmium (Cd) on every batch.

Here are some recent test results:


Mercury <0.0001 mcg/g (µg)

Lead <0.0001 mcg/g (µg)

Arsenic 0.0053 mcg/g (µg)

Cadmium 0.0019 mcg/g (µg)

Vanilla Bean

Mercury 0.0030 mcg/g (µg)

Lead 0.0004 mcg/g (µg)

Arsenic 0.0111 mcg/g (µg)

Cadmium 0.0016 mcg/g (µg)

Cacao Bean

Mercury 0.0063 mcg/g (µg)

Lead 0.00884 mcg/g (µg)

Arsenic 0.0169 mcg/g (µg)

Cadmium 0.0474 mcg/g (µg)

Coffee Bean

Mercury 0.0020 mcg/g (µg)

Lead 0.0151 mcg/g (µg)

Arsenic 0.0002 mcg/g (µg)

Cadmium 0.0013 mcg/g (µg)


For more information on how we test our products, check out this article!


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