Can I buy one-time purchases and subscriptions together?


You can check out with one-time purchases and subscriptions in the same cart.

Our software is smart and knows the difference. 🤓

How Does it Work?

Add any number of regular, one-time purchases (OTP) to your cart including any additional subscriptions you would like to start.

After checkout, Your initial order will ship everything (OTP + Subscriptions) in one box.

Subsequent subscription orders will renew at the frequency you chose on the first order with the subscription discount already applied.

Check Out

You can tell which items are subscriptions at check out because they will show the delivery frequency like so:


In this example, we have a Vanilla Keto Coffee Creamer, which will only be delivered on the first order.

We also have 2 bags of Clean Coffee, which will be delivered every month. The subscription will appear in your account after checkout.

That's it!

You can manage your subscriptions and cancel anytime. Check out all of our subscription FAQs here.

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