Can I change the frequency or delivery date of my subscription?

For sure! Flexibility is super important to us, and we want to give you as much of it as possible! 🕺

You can change how often your subscription order ships, as well as the day of the month your subscription renews.

Make sure you are logged in and on the Manage Subscriptions page. If you aren't sure where to find that, check out this support article.


Changing the Order Frequency

You choose your subscription order frequency the first time you check out. Options are:

  • Every one month
  • Every two months
  • Every three months

You can change this in your account by clicking "Change frequency" and updating it to your desired time frame.

For example, you chose every three months at checkout. A month goes by and you used all the product. You want to get it sooner, so you log in and change this to every one month.


Changing the Order Date

Subscription orders automatically renew on the same date you completed the first purchase. You may want to change this setting if you want your order to come on a different day of the month.

For example, if you bought on the 21st of May, and you chose every 1 month as the frequency, your next order would generate on the 21st of June.

You might receive a paycheck every month on the first, and would prefer your order to generate on the first of every month. You could update the next order date to July 1st. Then, your next order would generate on July 1st and every order thereafter would also generate on the first (i.e. August 1st, September 1st, etc.).




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