Can I have multiple subscriptions coming at different times?


To set this up, just complete a new separate checkout for whichever subscription products you want at a different frequency.

Use the same email as your other subscriptions. This will create a new, separate subscription under the same account.

When Would I Use That?

For example, you may have one subscription already in your account, which might be for Collagen Peptides and Marine Collagen. Each of those has 30 days supply. To keep fueling your whole-food based workouts, you might already get that on a monthly schedule.

You may also make meal shakes, but are more concerned with saving money on protein vs having an exact number of days of supply for those. You could start a second subscription for a few bags of bulk Organic Whey Protein (or Collagen Peptides) and have that delivered every three months.

The choice is yours and feel free to do whatever suits you best!


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