Marine Collagen

Pure, Clean-tasting, Collagen Protein for Beautiful Hair, Skin, and Nails. Natural Force® Marine Collagen Peptides are the most premium source of tasteless fish collagen available on the market. Our Non-GMO Project verified marine collagen is sustainably harvested from wild-caught Alaskan COD. Our ancestors took advantage of whole-animal diets rich in collagen, which is now a missing link in our modern diets today, resulting in less than desirable aging effects. Our Marine Collagen is comprised primarily of Type I collagen. These short-chain amino acids are clinically proven to have a high bioavailability, resulting in tremendous anti-aging benefits such as decreased wrinkles and reduced signs of UV light damage on the skin. Our Marine Collagen is also ideal for repairing and restoring your joints, ligaments, tendons, and bones. This is a must-have protein in your diet to keep you looking and feeling your best. Add our Marine Collagen to coffee, tea, or pretty much any beverage that you want to transform into an anti-aging elixir!