Are Marine Collagen Peptides tested for heavy metals? What are the ppm regarding metals?

Great question! 🤓🔬

Yes! Our Marine Collagen Peptides and all of our products undergo third-party lab testing for heavy metals, microbial contaminants, allergens and are produced in a GMP Certified USDA Organic Certified Facility.

Here are some recent test results:

Arsenic 0.0184 mcg/g
Cadmium < 0.001 mcg/g
Chromium < 0.001 mcg/g
Lead < 0.001 mcg/g
Mercury 0.0092 mcg/g

Can I see the full test results?

Rest assured that we stand behind our claims and quality. In fact, don't take our word for it, check out the results for yourself! 


To learn more about heavy metals and Marine Collagen Peptides, we recommend reading this blog post:  "Is There Mercury in Marine Collagen?"

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