Ambassador Rewards - 15% Cashback on Personal Purchases

One of the great things about being a Natural Force Ambassador is that you can earn 15% cashback on all personal purchases by using what is called a "self-referral".

A self-referral simply means that you initiate your purchase by first clicking on any of your own Kickbooster affiliate links.

As it would for any other user, this applies a tracking cookie that will treat your personal purchase as if it was an affiliate sale.

The 15% cashback will be factored into your overall Kickbooster commission payout so there is nothing special you have to do to collect it :)

In my Kickbooster account, I saw a message that says, "Note: Merchant can choose to deny commissions for any self-referred pledges." What does that mean?

For whatever reason, some brands do not like to award self-referrals, so that is a message Kickbooster automatically displays for everyone.

We love the fact that you can earn cashback on personal purchases, however, so we will never deny a self-referred pledge/commission!

Will I get a self-referral credit on personal purchases of Winsday Wednesday sales or Current Promotions deals?

Absolutely! The only thing to keep in mind here is that the 15% cashback percentage is calculated based on the promotional price of the product(s) you purchased, not the full/regular price.

For example, if you use a self-referral on a $100 product that is on sale for 20% off, the promotional price would be $80 and your 15% cashback will be $12 (15% of $80).

What if I previously clicked on an another Natural Force Ambassadors Kickbooster link? Will they get credit for my purchase?

Possibly. If you clicked on another Ambassadors link within the past 30 days, their tracking cookie will apply to your purchase and will award them an affiliate commission. If you clicked on another Ambassadors link more than 30 days ago, their tracking cookie will have expired, so you will get the affiliate commission.

In either case, if you have clicked on another Ambassadors link, we recommend clearing cookies from your browser before making your personal purchase.

For instructions on how to clear cookies from a variety of devices, check out THIS Business Insider article.


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