Audience Discounts - Winsday Wednesday

Winsday Wednesday is our weekly sale. Natural Force Ambassadors are not required to share these sales, but they are a great way to provide value to your audience, incentivize them to make a purchase and to earn affiliate commissions.

How will I know what products are being promoted?

Every Monday we will send you an email from our email address that details everything you need to know about our upcoming Winsday Wednesday offering.

Information that will be provided includes:

  • The featured product(s)
  • How much affiliate commission you will earn for a referral
  • The sale launch and close dates
  • The sale coupon code
  • Our recommended destination link 
    • (Note: Our recommended destination link is not a Kickbooster affiliate link. You will need to use the Link Builder option in Kickbooster to convert the destination link into an affiliate link that will give you credit for a referral sale.)

What if the Winsday Wednesday sale isn't a good fit for my audience?

No problem! We launch a new sale each week, so you can simply promote the sales that align with your audience and ignore the ones that don't.

Alternatively, you can visit our "Current Promotions" page to explore ongoing special offers and promote one of those.

How do I share a Winsday Wednesday sale?

To promote a Winsday Wednesday sale, we recommend that you first create a custom Kickbooster link that takes users directly to the specific product(s) featured in the sale. This is the "destination link" that we will share with you every Monday.

An example using this method might be:

  • Create a social media post talking about why you love the product featured in a specific deal
  • Add your custom Kickbooster link (that directs users to the specific product page) to your post or social media profile
  • Create a call to action letting your audience know that they can get this incredible deal by clicking your link and using the appropriate coupon code at checkout


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