Is Organic Bone Broth Protein good for gut health?

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Yes! Our Organic Bone Broth Protein contains hydrolyzed types I, II, and III collagen protein. Types I and III are best for healing the gut lining. Type I is especially good for healing the tight junctions of your intestinal tract. 

How can I use Organic Bone Broth Protein to improve my gut health?

For best results, we recommend using at least one scoop of Organic Bone Broth Protein per day.

This can easily be accomplished by adding Organic Bone Broth Protein to your favorite drinks/recipes or by using one of the methods below:

Broth shots: Blend 1 scoop with 4oz warm water, 1tbsp MCT Oil, a pinch of sea salt, and herbs/spices of your choice. Makes two 2oz shots.

Smoothies: In a blender, combine 1 level scoop with 12oz cold grass-fed milk or almond milk, 1 cup frozen fruit, and 1 tbsp MCT oil.

Cooking: Add 1 level scoop to soups, stews, or baked goods for a clean protein boost! 

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