3rd party lab test results for Organic Pure C8 MCT Oil

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and have no problems being transparent with our customers. ✊

Every batch of Organic Pure C8 MCT Oil we make is laboratory tested by Prairie Tide Diversified (PTD), Intertek and, the Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC), an industry-leading third-party.

You can find the recent COA (Certificate of Analysis) of the Organic Pure C8 MCT Oil attached to the bottom of this article.

What do you test for?

Some of the things we test every batch for are:

✔️ Ingredient Assays, i.e. to make sure you are getting the advertised amount of Protein per serving.

✔️ Absence of Microbiological Contaminants such as Mold, Salmonella, E. Coli and Staph.

✔️ Allergen levels such as Gluten and Soy.

✔️ Absence of Heavy Metals such as Mercury, Lead, Arsenic, and Cadmium.

Why is 3rd Party Testing important?

We are glad you asked! Third-party testing is important because it shows that a third party, not related to us or our manufacturing process, has verified the product independently.

A lot of companies don't even bother with this because it costs quite a bit of money to do. Others do not share the results because they don't want you to see what is in their products.

Rest assured that we stand behind our claims and quality. In fact, don't take our word for it, check out the results for yourself! 🕵️

3rd Party Lab Testing Results for Organic Pure C8 MCT Oil 32 oz batch 404653 
3rd Party Lab Testing Results for Organic Pure C8 MCT Oil 32 oz batch 400153
3rd Party Lab Testing Results for Organic Pure C8 MCT Oil 32 oz batch PRP400529

3rd Party Lab Testing Results for Organic Pure C8 MCT Oil 32 oz batch PRP400901

Note: Aside from redacting proprietary information such as the names and addresses of manufacturing partners, we do not alter or modify the results of our 3rd party lab testing in any way, so the results we share with you are exactly the same as the results we receive ourselves.

However, this means that units of measure may vary from one test to another.

To help you translate measurements like "ug/ml" (micrograms per milliliter) or "ug/kg" (micrograms per kilogram) into the more commonly used measurements like "ppm" (parts per million) or "ppb" (parts per billion) we recommend this site.

Additionally, Natural Force tests all of its products through 3rd party labs. If you see "in house" listed as a testing method, this means that the 3rd party laboratory used its own "in house" testing procedure.

If you have any other questions about our 3rd party lab testing data, please contact support@naturalforce.com


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