Ambassador Onboarding - Step 1: Creating Your Kickbooster Affiliate Account

Welcome to our Natural Force Ambassador onboarding! This article will show you how to set up your affiliate account on Kickbooster :)

Kickbooster is the affiliate management system we use here at Natural Force. It is very streamlined and simple to use, but like anything new, it can be tricky to figure out the first time around. To help ensure that you get set up successfully, here are the steps you'll need to follow to create and connect your account!

Step 1 - Complete the Booster Signup Form to Create an Account

1) Go to and click the "Get Started" button in the upper right-hand corner of the page OR just click here to go directly to the Booster Signup page.

2) Enter your name, email address, referral code (optional), and password.

3) Agree to the Terms of Use (required) and Kickbooster newsletter opt-in (optional) and click "Submit".

4) That's it! Your Kickbooster account is now active!


Step 2 - Connect Your Account to the Natural Force Kickbooster Campaign

1) While logged in to your Kickbooster account, go to or just click here.

2) Click the "Get your Booster link!" button.

3) That's it! Your account is now connected to our Natural Force Kickbooster campaign and you can begin earning commissions using your unique referral link!



Is there anything else I need to know before I get started?

For sure! Getting your Kickbooster account setup is just the first step! To learn more about using your Kickbooster account and how to maximize the impact of your affiliate links, we recommend checking out the following articles:

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