My order is missing, what should I do?

Have no fear, Natural Force Support is here! 🚀

We know you were excited for your products to arrive and the last thing we want is for that order to go missing.

We do everything we can to ship via the best methods, but sometimes these things happen and we certainly appreciate your patience.

Help us out!

If your order is missing, please take the following steps:

  1. Check the tracking. You will have received a tracking link with your order. Please give it a look and see if it says delivered.
  2. Look around your house. Check to see if the delivery person left it in the mailbox or on a side porch that you may you may not use frequently.
  3. Ask the neighbors. Sometimes they get the wrong house. Kindly check with your neighbors to see if they have the package.
  4. Give it a day. We can't tell you how many packages turn up after a day or two. Give it some time to see if it turns up.

If all those don't work, we are here to make it right.

Simply click here to submit a support ticket.

Let us know your order number and what happened. If our investigation turns up the same result, we will be happy to send a replacement. 👊

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