Where can I find the lot number and expiration date?

Every batch of product we make is laser etched with a lot # and an expiration date.
The expiration date can usually be found printed on the label or on the bottom of the bottle.

Can you show me some examples?

Sure, no problem! Check these out:

I still can't find it!

Don't worry, it's on there! Sometimes you just have to search a little for it. 🕵️
Sometimes Mark down at the plant forgets to set the laser to black ink. (Despite us telling him multiple times it needs to be black!!) 🙇 Mark is very sorry about this and will try harder next time.
In that case, it might look like this:

What if my product is past the date?

If the product you are holding is past the expiration date, we recommend you dispose of the contents and do not use it.
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