Kickbooster - How do I get affiliate commissions and credit for my referral sales?

Our affiliate platform, Kickbooster, is a link-click based system.

This means that someone in your audience must click on either your "Primary" Kickbooster link (created automatically when you first connected to our Natural Force campaign) or any of your custom links (manually created in the "Link Builder" area) for you to get credit.

Once a user clicks on either your Primary Kickbooster link or any of your custom links, a 30-day tracking cookie will be applied.

This means that you do not have to use your Primary Kickbooster link to earn affiliate commissions, in fact, we recommend using custom links more often than not as they take users directly to the product or page you are promoting. This creates a smoother user experience (UX), is more likely to result in a conversion (sale), and means more affiliate commissions for you!

If someone uses a Natural Force sale coupon code, will I still get credit?

Yes! As long as the user clicks through to the page using one of your Kickbooster links, you will get credit for the sale.

Natural Force coupon codes have no connection to the Kickbooster platform. This is why you can promote any of our Winsday Wednesday sales, Natural Force Deals page promotions, or any other Natural Force coupon code and still earn affiliate commissions.


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