Vanilla Emulsified MCT Oil

By transforming our original 100% pure coconut MCT Oil into a delicious, easy-mixing form, Natural Force® Emulsified MCT Oil gives you the power to easily boost shakes, coffee, smoothies, yogurt, or baked goods with powerful, healthy, keto-friendly fats! Our MCT oil goes beyond, with a high level of Lauric Acid, a powerful medium chain triglyceride that may help increase metabolism and could help support your immune system. The emulsification process not only allows this MCT to mix easily into both hot or cold beverages without the "oil slick" effect, it's also easier to digest than traditional MCT oil and is better tolerated by those who have trouble consuming conventional MCT> Whether you need a burst of energy, or want to help keep your body lean and your brain operating at the most optimal level, our Emulsified MCT oil has you covered!