Is Organic Whey Protein Made from A2 Protein?

Great question! 🤠

Our Organic Whey Protein is sourced exclusively from heritage breed Jersey cows which are known A2 producers, but we do not make any claims regarding this product being "100% A2".

Why not?

The A1 vs A2 designation only applies to the milk protein known as casein. Our Organic Whey Protein, on the other hand, is a whey protein product and the structure of whey protein is not influenced by A1/A2 genetics.

That said, there may be traces of casein in our Organic Whey Protein, which is why we believe that it is important to source our milk exclusively from heritage breed Jersey cow herds. 

Additionally, claiming "100% A2" requires that every cow in the herd is genetically tested, segregated, and separately milked based on A1 vs A2 genetic screening results. This type of testing regiment is not performed by the small family farms that produce the milk that ultimately becomes our Organic Whey Protein, so we do not make this claim.

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