Is your Organic Grass Fed whey 100% grass fed?

Great question! 🤓

We do not make any 100% grass-fed claims for Natural Force Organic Grass Fed Whey.

Why not?

The heritage breed Jersey cows that produce the milk that ultimately goes into our whey are meticulously cared for throughout their lifespan on an American Humane certified family farm located in Northern California. The unique climate of this area ensures that the cows are able to graze on pasture 300+ days per year, but there may still be a need to supplement their diet during the milking season with higher energy forage such as silage.

Silage is a fermented whole plant product that may include forage crops such as corn, oats, and sorghum. As silage contains all parts of the forage crop (leaves, stalks, grain, etc.) we neither guarantee nor claim "100% grass fed" for our whey.

That said, the crops used to make silage must be USDA Organic certified and are therefore free of pesticides, herbicides, or GMOs.

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