Does Organic Whey Protein contain heavy metals?

Where are these heavy metals even coming from??? 😅🤔

Trace amounts of heavy metals such as lead and arsenic are found in all protein powders because these elements are present in the soil. 

What steps do you take to reduce the heavy metals in your Organic Whey Protein?

In order to reduce heavy metals to the absolute lowest levels possible, we:

  1. Source our Organic Whey Protein exclusively from California family farms right here in the U.S. Whey protein sourced from China, India, or other countries can have much higher levels of heavy metals due to fewer environmental regulations.
  2.  Use ultra-filtration which passes the whey through a porous membrane to concentrate the proteins and remove impurities such as heavy metals.
  3.  We test every batch to ensure that heavy metals are as low as possible and in a safe range.

How does whey compare to plant-based protein?

In plant-based protein powders, concentrations of heavy metals tend to be higher because they absorb them directly from the soil. Whey protein and other animal proteins tend to have lower concentrations because animal digestive systems remove some of the heavy metals before they make it into the milk or meat.

Interested in our Organic Whey Protein heavy metal test results? Check out this support article to see the data!

If you'd like to see our full 3rd party testing data (heavy metals, common allergens, microbes, and more) for Organic Whey Protein we also list it here.

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