How (and why) should I create a account?

Our goal is to make THE place to buy our products, so we want to make sure you feel welcome AND rewarded! 🙌💯

This is why creating an account on our site isn't just a convenience, it's a way to earn points that can save you real money on EVERY purchase, plus you'll get 1,000 FREE points just for signing up, and 2,500 bonus points on your birthday, access to product subscriptions, and more!

There are two ways to create an account on, and both of them will automatically enroll you in our Force of Nature Loyalty Rewards program:

Option 1 - Click the Account Icon

The easiest way to create an account on is to click the account icon on the upper right-hand corner of our website.

This will bring you to a page where you can use Facebook, Google, or manual information fields to create your user account.

Option 2 - Use the "Get 1,000 Points" FoN Rewards Widget

If you click the "Get 1,000 Points" widget located on the lower right-hand corner of our website, you'll be prompted to "Join now".

Clicking the "Join now" button will bring up contact information fields that you can then complete before clicking "continue" which will complete the account creation process.

Congratulations! You are now an official Force of Nature!


For more information about our FoN Loyalty Rewards Program, check out these support desk articles:

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