When do I get my free 1000 Force of Nature (FoN) Rewards points after creating an account?

Your 1,000 FREE FoN rewards points are coming in hot! 🔥

Everyone that creates a naturalforce.com account is automatically enrolled in our FoN Rewards program and gets 1,000 FoN rewards points applied to their account. 

But I don't see my points yet?

Have no fear! Our system works pretty fast, but it may take a few minutes for your email confirmation to come through and for the points to show up in your account. Rest assured, you will get them!

If it seems like your points are taking a while to populate, we recommend logging out and back into your account. You can also click the refresh button on your browser.

You will see "You have $1.00 in Points" (the value of 1,000 FoN rewards points) on the widget in the bottom right corner of the screen.

What if I still don't see my points?

We're always here for you, so please contact support@naturalforce.com and we'll get it straightened away!


For more information about our FoN Loyalty Rewards Program, check out these support desk articles:

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