When do I get my first 1000 points?

1,000 points for free? You betcha!

Everyone that creates a naturalforce.com account is...

Automatically enrolled in our FON Rewards program and gets 1,000 points credited to their account.

Because we are cool like that. 😎

How do I get the points?

You can earn 1,000 points (for free 🤑) by:

  1. Creating an account via the widget on the bottom right
  2. Clicking the person icon in the top right (or "Log in" on mobile) and selecting "Create a New Account" at the bottom of the sign in screen.
  3. Creating an account before your first checkout.

It doesn't matter which of these methods you choose. You will get 1,000 points which can be used on your next order.

I don't see the points yet.

It may take a few minutes for the points to show up in your account, but you will get them.

Please check back in a few minutes and make sure you are logged in. You can also click the refresh button on your browser or log out and log back in again.

You will see "You have $1.00 in Points" on the widget in the bottom right corner of the screen.


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