Howdy there, that is a great question! 🤠 You may think there is something wrong, but don't worry, there isn't.

This is totally normal and there is nothing wrong with the product.

Organic MCT Oil will return to clear once it is exposed to room temperature.

Why does this happen?

Our Organic MCT Oil may fluctuate from clear to cloudy when exposed to cold temperatures.  Chances are that the product got a little chilly on it's way to you.

This happens because the quality fats in the product try to solidify at colder temperatures, which makes it appear cloudy.

Is the product okay?

Yup, it's fine. There is nothing wrong with the product and this can occur any number of times with no harm. You can use in in either state.

Since we never believe in using fillers, stabilizers, or unnecessary ingredients (basically no BS 🙅), this is just a natural property of the pure oil you are seeing.

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