Why did the name change from Emulsified MCT to Keto Coffee Creamer?

If you landed here, we imagine you might be a tad confused. 🤔

Not to worry, we have answers:

Emulsified MCT Oil and Keto Coffee Creamer are the same thing.

The name changed because we felt it was the right move for our customers. Read on for more!

Okay? Explain.

Up until December of 2018, we sold a product called Emulsified MCT Oil. We always wanted this product to be fully USDA organic.

Towards the end of the year, we decided to re-release this product as Keto Coffee Creamer.


It is the same product, except now it is easier to understand what it does.

We also made it organic, because we believe organic is better.

(Oh, plus we made it taste better, because that is always a good thing).

For those reasons, the same Emulsified MCT Oil you know and love is now called Keto Coffee Creamer.

If you didn't "know or love it" before, try some today!

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