Do you need to take vitamin C with Collagen Peptides?

I went to the store to buy some apples, oranges, and bananas... I came back empty handed. It was a fruitless endeavor. 😅🍊

OK, bad jokes aside, you do not need to take vitamin C with your Collagen Peptides.

Hold up, I heard that you need vitamin C to absorb collagen?

So here's the deal, your body needs vitamin C to produce collagen, but that doesn't mean you have to consume your collagen and vitamin C at the same time.

As long as your diet contains plenty of fresh fruits and veggies (the best natural sources of vitamin C), you will have plenty of vitamin C floating around in your system for healthy collagen synthesis.

For more information about collagen (including an interesting story about collagen and vitamin C deficiency), we recommend checking out this post on our blog.

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