Is your Organic Whey protein pasteurized?

That is a great question, thank you for asking it!

Yes, the organic milk we produce our whey from is flash pasteurized, as required by California state law.

How is it pasteurized?

Our grade "A" raw milk is HTST (high-temperature short-time) flash pasteurized. This means the milk is heated to a required minimum temperature of 161°F for 15 seconds.

Why is it pasteurized?

Milk is a highly perishable product. Pasteurization kills any pathogenic bacteria that may be present. This ultimately allows you to have a whey protein with a two year shelf life. 😊

Secondly, it is required by law. The milk used to make our whey is governed by California milk standards, which are more strict than federal standards.

For more information about FDA regulation regarding pasteurization, you can view it here



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