What is the difference between Organic Whey and Organic Whey Isolate?

Okay, so here's the deal: We have two Organic Whey Proteins. They are both made from the highest quality organic whey.

However, One is Organic Whey Protein Concentrate (80% protein by volume), and the other is Organic Whey Protein Isolate (90% protein by volume).

What is the difference?

There are really too many differences to get into here, so we recommend checking out this article which explains everything in detail.

Which one should I buy?

If you’re looking to supplement your protein intake to aid in fat loss, muscle gain, or are just looking for a meal replacement, whey protein concentrate is an amazing place to start.

If you’re an athlete or hitting it hard at the gym, whey protein isolate is perfect for huge gains and a faster recovery.

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