Can MCT Oil be used to make Keto fat bombs and how is it different from regular coconut oil?

Our MCT Oil can be used to make delicious Keto fat bombs!

Our MCT Oil differs from regular coconut oil in that it contains only pure medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) which are special fats that remain liquid at room temperature. In addition to remaining liquid, and therefore perfect for a variety of cosmetic and culinary applications, MCTs are also more readily absorbed by the body and can be easily metabolized into energy. This may help boost ketosis and increase metabolism.

Our Natural Force MCT Oil differs from competitor products because it is made from 100% pure expeller-pressed, virgin coconut oil and does not have any palm oil or other cheap alternatives to coconut. We also have an industry leading 30% lauric acid content in our MCT Oil. Lauric acid is a powerful immune-system boosting MCT that is also found in mother's' milk.

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