Why are some MCT Oils made with organic coconuts but not certified USDA Organic?

Thank you for asking!  It is something we have been working very hard on. 🏋️

All Natural Force® MCT Oils are made from organic coconuts, which are also Project Non-GMO verified.

Why no organic stamp?

In order for a product to be USDA Organic certified and bear the organic stamp, both the product and the process by which it is made must be certified organic.

When MCT Oil was first being developed for consumers, a certified USDA Organic process did not exist (even though we were using the same organic coconuts we use now).

It takes 1-2 years for a manufacturing process to become certified USDA Organic, and you can bet we have been working on that!

When will you have USDA Organic MCT Oils?

In December 2018, we will be releasing our first batches of USDA Organic certified MCT Oils. Keep an eye out for them! 👀

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