What is the difference between Raw Tea and Matcha Ignite?

Raw Tea: This is our flagship product that was the first ever 100% natural pre-workout on the market. The Raw Tea has a bit more stimulants, so it hits a little harder than the Matcha Ignite. The Raw Tea has 90mg of natural caffeine from guarana, along with yohimbe, which are both amplified by ginseng.
Packed with 13 raw super foods, our Pre-Workout Raw Tea is the most powerful, natural pre-workout on the market. If you are used to taking other mainstream pre-workouts like C4 and Jack3D, the Raw Tea is probably for you, as it is close when it comes to power comparison. The Raw Tea comes in Original and Peach Flavors.
Matcha Ignite: The first Certified USDA Organic Pre-Workout to hit the market. Being that it is organic, the quality of the herbs and super foods that are used are of the highest regard. It is definitely a different feeling than the Raw Tea. It has less stimulants and is the equivalent of drinking two cups of green tea. Matcha Ignite has 70mg of caffeine that is high in theobromine from matcha green tea and yerba mate.
Packed with other high end, powerful super foods like Cordyceps and Ashwagandha, Matcha Ignite will give you more of a mind and body energy without the jitters or crash.
If you are looking for something to give you an organic energy boost that won't make you want to rip someones face off, and you care about the highest quality Organic ingredients, then the Matcha Ignite is for you! Matcha Ignite comes in Choco Matcha and Apple Matcha flavors.
Do not combine the two, as they both contain stimulants and should not be used together or with any other products containing caffeine.
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