Is your MCT Oil chemically refined? Specifically, is hexane used?

This is a great question, and really gets to the heart of what makes us different. (Thank you for asking it, by the way. 👊)
Natural Force® MCT Oils are NOT chemically refined and are hexane free.
Many other MCT Oils are refined using solvents, such as hexane and other nasty stuff.
Our Organic MCT Oil starts with 100% pure expeller-pressed extra virgin organic coconut oil, sourced from sustainable coconut plantations in Sri Lanka and the Philippines. Then, we refine these super-duper coconuts using molecular distillation and fractionation, a natural process that uses no solvents.
(Hint: This is how we can also achieve USDA Organic certifications on our MCT Oils when most others can't. 😉)
Processing ingredients gently and naturally, is extremely important to us and we are glad it matters to you too!
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