Which is better Organic Whey or Organic Plant Protein?

You're really putting us on the spot here, aren't you?! 🌱🐮😅

Both Organic Whey and Organic Plant Protein are complete protein sources that provide all the essential amino acids needed by the body to build lean muscle mass and to maintain a healthy metabolism. Therefore, "which is better" is a question of your individual dietary preferences and physiology.

OK so "it depends", but how do I choose which is best for me?

We've got you covered there!

Use Organic Plant Protein if you:

  • Can't tolerate dairy in any amount
  • Are Vegan and don't consume animal products
  • Want to switch things up with a plant-based protein source

Use Organic Whey if you:

  • Are A-OK with dairy
  • Are a Vegetarian or meat-eater and do consume animal products
  • Want the best-studied and most widely used protein source

For more information about whey vs plant protein (and how to pick the right one for your needs), check out this article on our blog! -> How to Pick a Protein Powder: Quick & Easy Guide

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