How long does Organic Whey Protein last?

Great question and, depending on how you're looking at it, there are two answers ✌️😜
If you're referring to shelf life, we recommend using our Organic Whey before the expiration date printed on each label. While this date obviously differs from batch to batch, it is always 2 years (24 months) from the date of manufacture and assumes that the product is being stored closed, in its original packaging, and in a cool (below 77 degrees Fahrenheit) dry (below (65% humidity) location.
If you're referring to how long you can expect it to last you specifically, it really just depends on how much whey you want to take!
Since there are 15 servings in our standard Organic Whey package (we do have a 35 serving option for our Unflavored Whey), you can expect a single order to last you for just over two weeks if you use one full serving (20gms protein) a day.

If you use a half serving (10gms protein), a single order would last you for a full month.
For more information about whey protein usage (and goal specific recommendations), you may want to check out this article on our blog.
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