Is Cordyceps Pro safe for women to use?

Great question! 🙌

Yes. Our Cordyceps Pro is safe for women to take.

What type of Cordyceps is best for women? 

Well, it depends on your goal.

There are two main types of Cordyceps supplement: Cordyceps sinensis and Cordyceps militaris. 

Cordyceps Sinensis is broken down even further into two strains: the CS-2 and CS-4 varieties. According to recent research, each species and strain may offer unique benefits that lower stress and boost your performance. 💪

Cordyceps Sinensis for Endurance and Stress

Cordyceps Sinensis is native to the Himalayas and other mountainous parts of Asia. It’s been one of the most prized compounds in Traditional Chinese Medicine for millennia, where it’s used for virility and stress.

More recently, scientists have found a few benefits to C. Sinensis:

  • Physical endurance
  • Curbing stress
  • Immune/organ function

Cordyceps Militaris for Intense Exercise and Mood

C. militaris is exciting because preliminary studies suggest it may have higher levels of cordycepin than other species, although research is much less robust for C. militaris. That said, there have been a few interesting studies:

  • Intense exercise capacity
  • Happiness and mood

Really, the type of Cordyceps you take depends on your goals. Looking for a boost in the mood? Maybe you should try C. militaris. Stressed out at work? C. Sinensis may be better for you.


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