What is the molecular weight (Mw) in Daltons (Da) for Natural Force Collagen Peptides?

Great question! 

The average Mw for Natural Force Collagen Peptides is 5000 Da.

Is 5,000 Da a good Mw?

5,000 Da is what you would expect from highly bioavailable, hydrolyzed collagen peptides as the protein molecules are broken down into small pieces (peptides) that make it easier for the body to absorb and utilize.

How does this compare to something like gelatin?

Regular unhydrolyzed gelatin, the type found in culinary gelatins which gel/solidify after cooling, has a Mw of ~150,000 Da.

This means that your body has to do extra work to break the protein chains down (i.e. convert them into peptides) before they can be absorbed/utilized.

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