If you love cooking AND collagen you're in luck! 😋🥘

Yes, you absolutely can cook with Collagen Peptides!

But won't heat destroy collagen? 

Many foods and supplements lose their nutritional value (enzymes, vitamins) when you heat them up, but Collagen Peptides can withstand heat up to 572°F, making collagen one of the few protein powders that are good for cooking and baking.

To learn more, check out this blog post: "Collagen Supplements: Are They Damaged By Heat?"

Do you have any Collagen Peptides Recipes that you would recommend?

We sure do!

To get started cooking with Collagen Peptides, we recommend the following recipes:

"Easy Keto Smoothie Bowl with Blueberries, Marine Collagen and MCTs"
"Coffee with Collagen Peptides: Boost Hair, Skin, Nails, and Joints!"
"Feel-Good Paleo Protein Pancakes with Collagen Peptides"
"Kid Friendly Keto Snacks: Ants on a Log with Collagen Peptides"
"How to Make a Mood-Boosting Keto Matcha Latte with Collagen & MCTs"
"Healthy Green Breakfast Smoothie with Collagen and Whey Protein"


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