I have a Milk Allergy or am Lactose Intolerant. Can I still take Organic Whey?

Whoa there partner, hold your horses (…or shall we say, your dairy cows 😂).

Our Organic Whey Proteins contain dairy allergens since they are made from milk.

With that being said, they are very low in lactose, containing less than 1g per serving.

Where does the lactose come from?

Whey protein is derived from milk and therefore contains milk proteins and a small amount of milk sugar (lactose).

Customers tell us our whey proteins are generally well tolerated by those with lactose intolerance. Perhaps because they are extremely high quality, carefully processed, and made from only A2 milk.

Our lawyer made us include this…

Please note: We are not doctors, and cannot recommend whether you should or should not take any product.  We simply state which allergens are present in a product, and advise consulting with your physician before taking any nutritional or dietary supplement.

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