How much Iron is in Organic Whey?

Great question! While Organic Whey is great for pumping iron, depending on the flavor you choose, there may be some actual iron content as well! 💪

Organic Whey protein flavors and their iron content:

  • Unflavored Organic Whey: 0 mg iron/serving
  • Cacao Bean Organic Whey: 0.9 mg iron/serving
  • Coffee Bean Organic Whey: 0.4 mg iron/serving
  • Vanilla Bean Organic Whey: 0 mg iron/serving

Fun fact: The element of iron is produced in the cores of super-massive stars and is scattered throughout the universe (eventually ending up in your food and body) when the star collapses in on itself and explodes in a supernova blast that is stronger than 10 trillion of the most powerful nuclear bombs ever invented by humankind!

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