What source materials are used to make Collagen Peptides and is it a sustainable product?

Worry no more! We are happy to share detailed information about our product sourcing. 🐮🤠

We use grass-fed cowhides to make our Collagen Peptides.

The hides are a by-product of grass-fed beef production, so we are ensuring that every part of the animal is utilized by creating a high-quality nutritional product from them.

In terms of sustainability, a recent study commissioned by White Oak Pastures showed that properly raised beef (i.e. grass-fed) actually contributes less carbon to the atmosphere than crops like soybeans or plant-based meat substitutes.

Click here to read the full report.

To learn more about how our Collagen Peptides are sourced and produced, we recommend reading this blog post: "What is Collagen Made of? The Whole Story From Source to Supplement"


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